About Me

Fern is a graduate of SHI Medical Massage School in Lebanon Ohio and a Licensed Massage Therapist  through the State of Ohio Medical Board.  She is also a professional member of the American Massage Therapy Association. Fern is passionate about helping people seek balance and support in their structure so they have a better functioning body.

She enjoys  learning  new techniques that are helpful for her clients.  Below are some of the continuing education courses she  has taken and/or is in the process of completing.  

Fern is currently in the process of receiving my certification for Structural Integration through Anatomy Trains.  The complete course which is 5 parts, consists of over 500 hours of class time spent  at the Anatomy Trains Campus in Walpole Maine. 

Ongoing Education:

Anatomy Trains in Structure and Function August 2017

Anatomy Trains Structural Integration Part  1 (September 2018) 

Anatomy Trains Structural Integration  part 2 (October-November  2018)

Anatomy Trains Structural Integration part 3 March/April/May 2019

Certification for Structural Integration/Board certification June 2019 

Lymph Drainage 1 Chickly Health Institute(September 2017)


Feel free to look around this website.  I have added a page or two about structural bodywork.